5 Minimalist Pieces to Update Your Work Style

Have you ever stood in front of your closet, ready to get dressed for the day, but staring at everything you own and saying to yourself that you have nothing to wear? If so, then it is definitely time to switch up your style and update your wardrobe.

Updating what you wear to the office can cause serious concern, but fear not! We've put together this list of 5 minimalist pieces you need to help you update your work style. 




Dresses are amazing, because they are a complete outfit in one piece of clothing! You only need to add a fabulous pair of shoes and your favourite piece of jewellery and you are set. Updating the color, shape and fabric of your work dresses can give your style a huge boost. Changing up the fabric and length of the dresses as the seasons change is a great excuse to update to your work wardrobe. Long sleeves, belts, wrap front, high neck or v-neck are all fun styles to play with.




Every woman must have a blazer or two in her wardrobe that is her go-to piece to easily dress up a work outfit or to top off your favourite jeans and t shirt combo. Blazers are essential to pulling together a look and are a staple piece to keep in your closet. To update your blazer style, go for something that is more fitted or tailored. Try something new with a different color or pattern or length of the blazer. You have to have a good black blazer in your wardrobe, one that you can basically wear with everything to immediately up your style game. A fitted, tailored look is the quickest way for you to update your work style. 



You know you need to have a crisp white blouse that you can count on, but let's step away from the staunchy buttoned up version and embrace these fun flirty styles! All white blouses are not created the same. Sometimes it is the smallest or daintiest detail that takes you over the edge and immediately enhances your style. Ruffles, bows and a different hem length make the difference when you want to update your work blouse. Choose pieces that compliment your figure and will look great with or without a blazer on top.


Black Trousers


Black trousers are a staple in any woman's wardrobe. The fun part about updating your work style is playing with the pant length, the style of the pant leg and the height of the pant waist. There are so many options available to suit anyones style and body shape. The key to updating your style is trying out different styles of pants that can work for outfits outside of just your work. Sometimes you want to put on a pair of pants for work knowing that they will also double as awesome going out pants for those after work dates, drinks and dinners. 




Now this is where you get to have your fun and show off your unique and individual style. The accessories you choose to update your look definitely matter. Choosing a minimalist jewellery piece to top off your look is key. Simple is always better and oftentimes stand out more than a shiny, chunky piece of jewellery. Dainty minimalist pieces are a great enhancement to your style. Sederhana Designs carries beautiful minimalist jewellery to easily update and enhance your work style. You can find simple gold hoops, star stud earrings and the ever popular penny necklace in the online shop. 

 It is easy to update your work style with just 5 key pieces! Remeber to keep it simple and to use your jewellery to add a unique touch to your work outfits.

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