Declutter Your Life: 7 Tips To Take Minimalism Into the New Year

The New Year is approaching and with this comes resolutions and intention setting for the upcoming year. We strive to always make our next year better, stronger and more wise than the previous 365 days, but where to start?

Minimalism is not just a trend or fad, but a way of life for so many. Simply, less is more. Paring down your belongings and items you've been consuming for years and years takes practice and patience. Mapped out below are 7 tips to help make minimalism a part of your life for 2019.


The end of a year and the beginning of a new one is a great time to get rid of extra stuff. Take the days between Christmas and New Year's to go through all of your things you did and did not use. We always have extra: extra clothes, shoes, coats, pots, pans, household items, etc. Find your excess, unused items and get ready to part with them. Decluttering your space not only frees up your home, but also helps in decluttering your mind.


Now that you've identified the extra and unused items, start to organize everything in piles to keep, to give away and to throw away. Keep only what you need and part ways with what will no longer fit into your minimalist life. This can be hard to do at first, but once you physically see all you have consumed and did not use, you will be more mindful going forward.

Creative Storage

Perhaps inviting minimalism into your life also means moving into a smaller place. Smaller spaces immediately reduce any hoarding habits you may have had in the past. Storage in a smaller place can look like built in shelving units and under furniture drawers. The key is not to overstuff your storage with excess.

Reduce Single-Use Plastic

A great way to begin to incorporate minimalism is to eliminate your plastic consumption. Grocery shop with a reusable bag to skip the plastic bags. Buy your own sustainable utensils made of bamboo. Skip the straw for your drinks and use a metal straw instead. The less plastic you use and accept the better.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

If you are in an area where it is possible to walk or bike to places, please take advantage. Walking and biking is not only good for your health, but for our environment as well. Other great ways to reduce your carbon footprint include: unplugging charged up devices, line drying your clothes, eating local and organic, plant a garden and no longer purchasing fast fashion.

Buy Less

Buying more than we need is easy. Before buying anything new, determine if this is a need or simply a want. If it turns out it's just something you want, pass on it and save your money. Organizing a capsule wardrobe for yourself will greatly reduce the need to buy extra clothing. If you begin by purchasing high quality clothes for your capsule wardrobe, you will only need to replace items, rather than buying extra ones.

Join Community

The best way to incorporate a new lifestyle change is to join a community of like-minded individuals. This will provide you with support and plenty of ideas on how to enjoy a minimalist life. You will also get the opportunity to make new friends and connections with those who are also passionate about minimalism.

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