Dazzle At Your Christmas Party With These Minimalist Pieces

So the holidays are here and that means parties! Work parties, friends and family gatherings and other festive themed parties this holiday season call for something spectacular to wear. As a minimalist, you pride yourself on keeping your wardrobe essential and simple, but that definitely doesn't have to mean boring or bland. It's a great practice to invest in some statement pieces that you can always whip out for parties and such without fail. Here are some key pieces that you can wear to dazzle at your upcoming Christmas parties!


Party Dress

You want to pick out a dress that you can also wear another time throughout the year or at least to another party. Choose something that you could perhaps work into your work wardrobe by tossing a blazer over it. And definitely choose something you are very comfortable in so you aren't worry all night abot how you look or fussing with your dress. You may even want to choose a dress that you can wear for date night too! Possibilities are endless, but the key to minimaism is to get something you can repurpose and use more than once. 


You always want to have some jewellery to take your look up a notch. A simple, fabulous dress deserves some elegant minimalist jewellery to enhance the look. You can really take your look to different levels depending upon the jewellery you choose to wear Necklaces, rings and earrings can be the single focal point for your jewellery or you can mix and add a couple pieces, delicately layering your jewellery choices for the evening.

The Bag

A chic little bag that's your go-to for parties and special events is a must have in your closet. You don't need to have many, you really need just one that goes with everything. A small, simple bag with intricate details that sets it apart and shows off your unique style is a great choice! Again, in keeping with the minimalist theme and life, invest in a good bag that can take you through a few seasons and events.


Minimalist lifestyle is all about less is more. So whenever you are buying things, you want to make sure they are high-quality so they last for a while. This comes in handy when you are buying high price point items like shoes. It's important to get a well.made pair of shoes that will last you more than a party or a season. If you're really savvy, you can find amazing high-quality shoes on bargain or promo. Your party shoes don't have to double as your work shoes or everyday shoes, so maybe splurge on a pair of go-to party shoes.

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