Keep it Simple: Minimize Holiday Stress and Maximize Your Enjoyment With These 5 Simple Steps

Christmas time is a wonderful time of year for most, but can also be the hardest part of the year for many. While some are running around buying Christmas gifts for everyone on your list, there are those who wish someone would buy them a gift. The holidays can produce stress that you never feel at any other time of the year.

Even though this is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, many people begin to feel more high-strung than usual. For some tips on keeping joyful during the holiday season, try out some of these simple ideas to reduce holiday stress and remain in the holiday spirit.

Watch Your Favourite Movie

Christmas movies are plentiful and you are bound to have a favourite or two. Grab your family, make some popcorn, throw on some blankets and tune into the movie of your choice. Having special family moments like sharing laughs to your favourite movies reduces stress and brings smiles to your faces. Movie night is a great way to relax during the holiday season and to share quality time together.

Bake Holiday Cookies

Another fun family and friends event is to gather together and bake some cookies! How fun to share different recipes of Christmas cookies with your loved ones. Get everyone involved by turning on some holiday music and making dozens and dozens of cookies. 

Go for a Walk

Getting fresh air and a little bit of exercise during the holidays is a great way to easily reduce the stress of the season. Taking a walk outside is completely free and walking is a great form of body movement that helps to clear your head. Taking in the beautiful nature is good for your mental health as it helps to take your mind off of shopping lists and planning for parties and such. Make it a family effort or go out on your own to enjoy your own company while walking.

Have a Potluck

Trying to plan a big family or friends dinner can be stressful. A great way to eliminate this stressor is to host a potluck! Potluck meals are great because you don't have to cook the entire meal. You can provide a basic or two and allow each guest to bring a dish or appetizer of their choice. This is a fun way to gather and share a meal during the busy holiday season, without having to cook the entire meal.

Shop Online

Technology is a gift and because of its immediate access right at your finger tips, it's easier than ever to get your shopping done online. Many stores and brands offer free shipping during the holidays to incentivize you for utilising their online platform and supporting their small businesses. Jewellery company, Sederhana Designs has free worldwide shipping from the UK and free 1st class next day shipping for the UK. Online shopping was created to make your life simpler and easier during Christmas. Just be sure to shop soon as Christmas is only one week away!

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