Less is More, 9 Tips For Styling on a Budget

Does the thought of a budget make you cringe? Do you sometimes have to choose between a fabulous new pair of shoes or paying a bill? Well, just because you have a budget, doesn't mean that you can't look effortlessly stylish. There are SO many ways to have a fabulously fashionable wardrobe without breaking the bank or skipping your rent payments. Take a look below as I point out 9 tips for looking stylish on a budget. Less is more than you think!


Closet Refresh

If you find yourself more often than not, standing in your closet or in the middle of your room after having tried on everything and you still can't find something to wear, then it is time for a closet review and cleanse. While some of the most stylish do a closet purge after each season, you are free to do a closet refresh whenever you feel you need to update your wardrobe. There is nothing more frustrating than going to get dressed and not feeling epic in whatevr you choose to wear.

The easiest way to do a closet refresh is to go ahead and give away/toss all of the clothing items you never wear. Don't think twice if it's sitting in the back of your closet - toss it to make room for new. Also, please get rid of anything that no longer fits or flatters you! When you get dressed, you want to feel confident, not feel like you've got to fidget all day in something that doesn't fit or suit you properly. Once you've gotten rid of things you don't wear or don't fit, you'll be left with something to build around and you can go to the next step.


Find Your Personal Style

This is the fun part! Now that your closet has been cleansed you're left with pieces that you feel more or less, define your style. You still can make changes and adjustments based upon the pieces that are left or go in a completely different direction than you have before. This is your style, you define it. Take time to put together some outfits with what is left over in your closet and make note of what is missing - jacket, belt, purse, shoes, skirt, pants, top etc - that would complete the look. Once you have an idea of what style you're going for, then you can make a list of what to add to enhance your style. Keeping in mind, you do not have to break the bank to look effortlessly put together. You just need to invest in key pieces and build around them. 


Set a Budget

Being stylish on a budget takes strategy and will power. You may want to go out there and buy the latest whatever, but if you pick a budget and do a lttle bit of planning, you'll find you'll be able to build an epic wardrobe without spending your rent money. High-low fashion has been a trend for a while now and it isn't going anywhere. Mixing high end fashion pieces with classic basics or neutrals will stretch your wardrobe budget far. Pick a monthly amount that you would like to set aside each week or each month, in order to rebuild and restructure your wardrobe and style. Commit to not touching that money and letting it build to the amount you want and then reward yourself with a satisfying shopping spree!


Sample Sales and Sale Sections in High End Stores 

Sample sales are going to be your best friends. Get up early and get in line so you can get first pick of severely reduced prices on high end designer wear! This is where you'll thank yourself for being on a budget and setting aside this money each week or month for exactly this moment. Investing in high quality deisgner wear at a fraction of the price is the best way to be styling on a budget. Don't be afraid to walk straight to the sale racks at high end stores either. You can find amazing deals on clothes that are simply just out of season or are overstock - head to the sales racks! 


Build Around Neutrals and Statement Pieces


You can build a stylish and budget-friendly wardrobe by focusing on neutrals and building around those pieces. Neutrals are no longer boring and they allow you to have a classic color scheme that won't need much updating as you cycle through the seasons. Make sure to invest in key pieces such as a camel coat, cream pants and a nice sweater - all which can be purchased at sample sales or from the sales rack of your favourite boutique. Once you have these key items, then you have a foundation to add to.


Swap Clothes With Friends

Clothing swaps and being on a budget go hand in hand. Clothing swaps are a fun time to get your friends together to unload all of your unwated pieces in your closet and a wonderful chance for you to get something new-to-you without having to spend anything! You're not the only one out of your friends waking up each day with the feeling of having nothing to wear, so gather your friends, make some snacks and have some wine on hand and get to swapping clothes! This will help all of you stay on budget and help with your closet refresh and cleanse.


Buy A Good Pair of Shoes and Take Care of Them

Investing in a quality pair of leather or faux leather shoes that you can mostly wear with everything is key to styling on a budget. You want to make sure your shoes are built to last and that youhave a good cobbler that you can take them to for repairs. A good, quality pair of shoes doesn't have to cost you. Just as you can go to the sale racks in your favourite stores, do the same for shoes and shoe stores! There are always plenty of classic and timeless pairs of shoes there on discount just for you. Shop in the off season as well for shoes for the next year. At the end of summer, grab those sandals you've been eyeing all season and get them for more than half off so you can have them for vacations and the next year. Same with boots or heels. Shopping on a budget doesn't have to be hard, but it does take strategy and patience.


Bag To Go With Everything

Similar to buying a pair of quality shoes to go with it all, you also will need a bag that goes with everything. If you stick to neutral colors and classic design, you'll have a purse or bag that will not only last through different seasons, but will remain timeless through trends. Getting one bag that goes with everything will help you stick to your budget and you won't have to worry about updating your purse each season or trend.  


Get A Good Tailor

Finding a good tailor or seamstress is going to be key to looking stylish on a budget. You know those clothes you got at the sample sale or from the clothing swap with your friends? If anything is a little bit too big or needs some adjusting to make it just right, head to your neighborhood tailor or alterations department in your favourite store. One investment in tailoring your item of clothing to your body and you'll have it forever. 

Looking effortlessly stylish on a budget is a realistic possibility with a little planning and patience. A budget can be your very best friend when you apply it correctly and adjust it to fit your style and needs. There is no need to look at a budget as a hinderance, but rather a fun challenge to see what you can put together for less. 

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