Minimalist Jewellery Trends for Autumn/Winter 2018 You NEED To Own

Minimalist jewellery is not just a short-lived trend. Wonderfully wearable, this look is definitely here to stay. It is easy to wear with just about every outfit, every single day. The minimalist jewellery look is versatile and works well from your office look to your going out look in your little black dress. The great thing too about this jewellery is that it is oftentimes quite affordable when you purchase sterling silver or gold plated pieces.

Keep in mind that simple, minimalist jewellery does not ever equal boring! Minimalist jewellery is all but boring coming in mixed metals - gold, silver, rose gold, different geometric shapes, jeweled or metal earring studs, stacks of slim rings and of course the favourite - layers and layers of slinky thin chains to give your look some added fun.

Take a peek at these 5 minimalist jewellery trends for Autumn/Winter to accentuate and warm up your cold weather wardrobe and add to your jewellery collection.

Gold Hoops


Gold hoops are just a staple for every girl to have in their jewellery box and on their ears! Thankfully the minimalist gold hoops are light weight and won't take up too much room on your ears or in your jewellery collection. Gold hoops in every size are a great look. Tiny hoops for everyday wear and larger hoops when you've got your hair pulled back and you want to show off the sleek and unique hoops. Hoops are also coming in more shapes than just round - you can find hoops in all geometric shapes and even some retro looking faces. However you choose to wear your hoops, definitely grab a pair as they will last you for all seasons.


Layered Gold Pendants


Layering on your minimalist gold necklaces is a great way to show your style and a non fussy way to wear all of your favourites at once! The key to this look is to have each necklace at a different length and to mix up the pendants. Definitely you need to have a coin pendant as one of your necklaces like this one here from Sederhana. Then add a simple gold chain with nothing else on it, another one with your favourite charm and then one with some colour to add a pop. A mix of gold with turquoise is always a good look. This layered look looks amazing with a turtleneck or your favourite cozy jumper. Grab some necklaces and layer them on to get the right look for you.


Body Jewellery

A super sultry trend seen coming down the runways were delicate, linked chains to drape on and around your body. This look is definitely sexy, so put on some confidence and rock this daring minimalist look. The body jewellery looks great as it peeks out from under your clothes or you can make it center stage by wearing a lariat bralette over/under your favourite dress or fancy blazer. Make this look your own and play around with what makes you comfortable to rock this look with confidence!


Tiny Letters

Little tiny, dainty, simple letters are showing up as a big idea for the minimalist jewellery look. Since the letters are so small, it is easy to wear more than one so that you can wear the initials of your name, or the initials of you and a loved one - the possibilities are endless! This trend is showing up in rings, necklaces, stud earrings and bracelets. Choose your favourite way to wear minimalist letters and keep in mind you can always mix your metals - gold, silver and rose gold all look great combined together.


Threader Earrings

Threader earrings are an incredibly fun way to wear earrings for those with mutiple piercings. You can easily wear this if you only have one piercing as well, but it looks great and creative when you are able to thread it through a second piercing for a fun and funky look. Most threaders come with a jewel on one end and a metal bar on the other to give this look some style. Play with the length of these style of earrings and the metals too. These are a definite must have in your jewellery box!

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