9 Must Follow Jewellery Accounts on Instagram For Major Style Inspiration

Jewellery is simply a girl's best friend. The more unique and suited to your individual style the better. Picking out jewellery and accessories just because or to go with a particiular outfit is just necessary! Finding that super unique and epic piece is like finding gold - literally. The best part about adding some new Jewellery pieces to your collection is playing with how to mix and match your new with your tried and trusted pieces. Here are 9 amazing Jewellery Instagram accounts that you MUST follow!


Why Follow: Jewellery for everyday, everywhere and every occasion. Check out the extremely easy and super fashionable necklaces to layer and layer. Just pile them on and rock them in your style. There is even a complimentary personalised engraving service on pendants!










Why Follow: Handmade in Bali and Amsterdam based this jewellery line is reminiscent of the early 90's. Super chunky solid gold pieces mixed with dainty minimalist pieces is always a good look! The rings are epic and I can totally see these paired with a wicked dark Autumn lacquer manicure with perfectly pointy nails and dark lips.



Why Follow: These pieces remind me of Grecian islands with the deep hued colour of the eye-catching turquoise mixed with cool silver and warm gold. Easily layered to create your own story and expression of style. Thick chunky bangles and the all seeing eye rings are a beautiful mix. As their page says -  don't wear boring jewellery.



Why Follow: Think pieces that would totally be showcased in Harper's Bazaar and in the pages of Vogue. This line is carried in Harrods and created by Gemmologist Marte Frisnes. I find the look to be otherworldly in a really good way - Almost like you would see these pieces worn by a distant tribe somewhere off set in a magical desert land. Thick, significant pieces with bold accents and amazing use of pops of colour.




Why Follow: This newly launched minimalist jewellery line is one to watch and grab some pieces from now! Handmade in Bali by local craftsmen, each piece has been thoughtfully designed to be incredibly unique, just like the women the line was created for. If you have been seeking minimalist pieces to enhance your fabulous style, the necklaces and earrings by Sederhana are it! Keep it simple, keep it Sederhana.



Why Follow: "Jewellery for people who want to express personal style through the power of accessories" is written right in their bio. These super fun spiked earrings, mixed in with studs and ear cuffs give a lot of options for people to create or enhance their own style!



Why Follow: Unique and colourful this jewellery invites you to find the beauty of simplicity and enjoy the simple things in life. All handmade, each piece looks personally cut and shaped with care and I especially love the dainty, minimalist gold heart rings! Each of these pieces are perfect for day to day, everyday wear.



Why Follow: Enjoy it. Wear it. Share it. Giving some serious street style, these handmade pieces really are unique. Perfectly embodying the style and feel of Greece in each necklace, bracelet or ring. You can see the pieces are designed to be statement pieces on their own or effortlessly worn together in layers to show off your individual style.



Why Follow: This line just screams - indie, boho, gypsy, retro - but not in a cliche, over done way. These face earrings with their delicate attention to detail are definite statement pieces. The use of gold here, too gives a sort of refreshing nod to old school jewellery trends that are here to stay. It's almost like dressing up with your mum's jewellery!


Whether your style is minimalist and dainty, or bold and expressive, these 9 jewellery Instagram accounts are definitely worth a follow! Mix, match and have fun building your ultimate jewellery collection from these designers.

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