About Sederhana

Sederhana, meaning ‘simple’ in Indonesian, is a new line of jewellery, handmade in Bali, Indonesia.
Sederhana Jewellery is all about simplicity and minimalism, from the designs and packaging to the branding and online customer experience. Every part of your Sederhana piece has been carefully thought through to create a perfect piece. Not only is the jewellery handmade, but the linen bags each item comes in are also handmade in Bali. Additionally, all the Gold and Silver comes from Indonesia, so your piece is completely unique, just like you.
I decided to create Sederhana after looking for a variety of pieces I’d seen or thought of but was never able to find, simple items which can be worn from day to night, which add a little something to an outfit. All items are designed with every woman in mind, suiting everyone’s style, from the young to the old, so if you’re looking for yourself or for someone special I hope you’ll be able to find something both you and they will love.
I have loved designing and creating these items however, I would like to hear from you about what YOU want so if you have seen something on Instagram or Pinterest that you want but are struggling to find, upload a photo and a bit of detail about it here. If we decide to create it, I will send you the finished product for free, so don’t forget to leave us your email address so we can get in touch with you :) 
Home to beautiful beaches, rice paddies, a wonderful giving culture, delicious food, yoga and massages on every corner, it’s no wonder Bali is the destination for relaxation and reflection. The freedom and happiness you feel while you’re in Bali is like no other, by purchasing an item from Sederhana you are not only receiving a beautiful piece jewellery for yourself or someone else, but investing in the local people, creating jobs and investing into the Economy of this amazing Island.Bali is extremely special to me, having moved here 6 months ago after multiple visits over the last 13 years, it just kept calling me back so by creating Sederhana I feel I’ve now got a little bit of Bali with me all the time.
Thank you for visiting Sederhana.
Hannah x